The importance of the “free” perception for 0800 numbers

infolineYou would say that a business client would not care if the contact phone is normal cost or not.

You would say that offering a free infoline for a B2B would not make any difference because the business clients are used to call any type of phone, including international

Well, is not so.

Having a 0800 number is VERY important at the perception level, for various reasons:

  • your business gets an extra value. After all, not everybody has a free phone, correct? It’s a way to differentiate between a serious company versus a riskier company.
  • at the psychological level, when a person calls a free phone means he is seeking and appreciating also the lower risk threshold involved in starting a new cooperation. ZERO RISKS for you. “Call this FREE phone. You have nothing to lose.

If you search on the internet, there are zillions of providers of free numbers. My personal choice is the “.com” of free numbers, 0800. Of course, there are other numbers, like 0877 and so on, but it will fail to achieve the purpose.

So, if you have a business that targets people everywhere on the planet, use it!

It really works!


Later Edit. Because I was asked by some of you which provider I use, here is my answer: Is not perfect, but as far as I used until now, is by far the best option.