59sec LITE – Contact Form 7 Push Notifications on iOS and Android Devices WordPress Plugin

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At Kuantero we launched the 59sec LITE version, which basically is a Contact Form 7 Push Notifications on iOS and Android.

59sec LITEWhy should you use it:
Because 59sec helps you answer leads very fast, under 59 seconds. This will boost your conversion rates, not to mention your perceived brand value.
There is a study done by MIT and Kellogg that demonstrates that in average, answering a lead in 30 minutes versus 5 minutes = 21 times LESS chances to close the sale! HUGE!

How can you test 59sec LITE – Contact Form 7 Push Notifications (as well as 59sec PRO)
Go www.59sec.com/test

What features does 59sec LITE has?

  • Entry Sources:
  • Notifications:
    • iOS and Android push notifications (maximum 20 notifications/month in LITE version)
  • Take users to LEADS section directly when logging into WordPress. (makes answering faster)
  • Users: bosses.
  • Statistics: last 30 days, per agent, per type of status
  • Leads to be answered
    • counter for each lead from generation until it is being grabbed (to track response time)
  • CRM
    • time taken for each lead
    • lead date
    • agent who grabbed the lead
    • lead content
    • status selector
    • comments editor

What features does 59sec PRO has?
Visit http://www.59sec.com/features-59sec/

Here is also a short video explaining how to use it.

If you want to try for free 59sec LITE, go here: http://www.59sec.com/test

If you want to try for free 59sec PRO on your own site, you can do it as a 30 day-trial, no credit card required here!

More details at www.59sec.com

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