Prices for web services

These days I had a weird discussion with one of the potential clients.  Based on my offer, they resent me a counter-offer at half of the price. For some of the items I said: “OK, i can lower also the amount of work, in order to meet the budget constrains”. For some i said that […]

Conversion rates on internet are always improvable

Apart from working for others we also have our own sites, so we are very interested in conversion rates and how to improve them. I was very happy these days when, with a small improvement i made to a site, I increased by 3x the CTR for the adsense. That means 3x more money in […]

7 items on consumer experience

Usual, a website is analyzed via several filters: SEO, usability, functionality, design, consumer experience. Here are 7 things that you should be careful to check all when we’re talking about consumer experience: useful desirable accessible credible valuable findable usable


Why is better to use SEM versus SEO sometimes: – With SEM you can find instantly if your business is good or not. With SEO you need to wait weeks/months. – Sometimes, SEM have higher guarantees to show your ad higher then SEO – With SEM you don’t need to waste money on building pages, […]

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