23sec is up and running

Last night we released our latest beta version of www.23sec.com (our own project). The idea is simple: you can achieve much more if you set daily objectives. And it takes only 23 seconds to set one. First you have to have a twitter account. Step 1. You write a twitter message stating your objective and […]

Neogen traffic on ascending trend

Neogen traffic is looking very good: in jan 2010 a quarter of a billion pageviews! First, on sati, the figures are going up. I am very happy, as I’m also shareholder 🙂 Way to go Fusu! Second, 3 days ago i started receiving tons of birthday calls from some of my friends. The reason was […]

Being the best in the world

Yesterday I read a nice book, where they were investigating around 15 star companies that succeed to reach excellence during years. Sustainable excellence. One take-away message was that the difference between a good and excellent company comes from the intersection between 3 circles: – what you are most passionate about? – how can you monetize […]

Twitter Junk

I believe one big disadvantage when using twitter is reading too much junk. Very few people are having added benefit in each tweet. It’s up to you to clear them out from “following” list

Looking for brazilian bikinis?

I found an interesting site on the Internet. A Brazilian bikini producer http://www.brazilian-bikinis.net/myblog.shtml What’s so cool about it? Not the bikini, but the tone of voice. And the human face that this guy is showing. Showing that generates more trust. Potential clients are more prone to buy from such a partner, because they feel more […]

Building for mobile

I receive many requests for web products very rich in flash or java script. If those variants are not backed up by mobile variants, they will offer a lousy consumer experience. Building for mobile makes a lot of sense, as in 5 years for now most internet connections will be mobile, not computer generated. Actually, […]

Twitter Buzz

Twitter Buzz and Buzz Twitter . I am very curious how this couple of competitors/partners will evolve in near future. In theory, more people, that now are not using twitter will get familiarized with this way of communication. Buzz is now just a hot topic. Maybe twitter now are watching them very anxious how are […]

Twitter makes bloggers lazy

Twitter makes bloggers lazy. Because it’s much easier to write 140 characters from Yahoo Messenger (like I use from Switter) than to write full articles. Some of them are overcoming this, but some don’t 🙂 Using twitter in my case confirm this theory.

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