Funny captcha

Do you know captcha? That great invention that minimize the spam registration? Well, there is a sort of a captcha that show that you are a human if you solve a simple equation, like 4+6= (and your write the result). This is a filter for the people you want to deal with, combined with their […]

Adult online industry is the best

Actually, adult online industry is the biggest. And being the biggest, makes it the most competitive online industry in the world, which means the best. The adult online industry was the driving force of the internet. They exploited the need for privacy combined with the other human needs, to make huge profits. Indeed, some products […]

My favorite song, if I would be Kaufland shareholder

My favorite song if I would be Kaufland shareholder would be the bing, bing, bing, bing, bing….. from the cash registers. For every “bing” I would know that my bank account increases. Beautiful music, isn’t it?

Why to use micro-objectives

Why to use micro-objectives? Because it helps achieving your big objectives 🙂 I am shocked to see how many people are drifting through life, with no prospect of any sort. How many people just survive from one paycheck to another. They don’t have any objectives, but they have dreams. They are frustrated and jealous on […]

How much does it worth a website?

Some friends asked me how much their websites would worth, so they know how much money to ask for it on sedo or somewhere else. Other friends asked me if I know sites for sell, because they have budgets to spend. Some people asked me even to sell my neogen stock to them:) During crisis, […]

Best call2action ever

I received one spam comment on one of my sites, that make me laugh 🙂 The best call2action ever: “Visit us or die! – www……” Unfortunately, I did not visit them.

Why some people hate mozilla firefox

Because firefox has a tendency to eat a lot of resources. See attached printscreen. 500MB RAM +. And IE, only 28K. That means almost 20x better efficiency. Personally I like Firefox. Until it loads up to this huge values. Other reason why people hate firefox is that they are resistant to change and use IE6 […]

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