Friends in online, offline, both or none?

Until now, I was very proud that all my connections in Linkedin and Facebook were people that I personally know.Whenever a new person sent me a new connection request and I never knew it, he/she ended up in spam. But now I am reconsidering my opinion. It seems that there is an added benefit after […]

HP cheap

I am a fan of HP cheap and reliable products, especially printers.  Last year I thought to buy for the business a new printer (not a HP), multi-functional, with top specifications. Unfortunately, I bought it inkjet – big mistake. In the past year, the costs for original ink cartriges soar and I paid several times […]

No-follow really means no-follow?

All sites needs incoming links to grow. But a lot of places where you can get those links have a nasty habit of having no-follow tag. In twitter for example, when you specify your web address (that’s showing you in your profile page) –, you can see a “no follow”. In blogs comments – […]

How to get an email address

Yesterday I received a cold phone call. “Hello, we are from … This morning I’ve sent you via email a business proposal. Did you get it?” “No” “Give it to me your address to send it again!” “To what address did you send it? ” We don’t know” “Ok, nice try!”

Why keywords like “lawyer” should not exist in a first time conversation

This morning I received a communication (very polite, I recognize) from a developer saying something like this: “My client phone (an insurance broker) is on your site. Please take it down. Otherwise we have a mandate to use our Lawyers” Indeed, I have several insurance sites, and in one of them there is a list […]

My 3 ideas in 3 minutes

Last year I gave a short interview in And only now I had the curiosity to check it. I’m surprised that my ideas are valid also now.

Why google does not index all your pages

Google is not indexing all the pages, unless you have a site of 5 pages. Let’s say you have 1,000,000 pages, but google sees only 1,000. Where are the rest? Even after submitting sitemap.xml, still the number does not increase significantly. The reason is: the incoming links. More incoming links you have, more pages google […]

Twitter spam finding

I just found something about twitter and its twitter spam. If your user (or your name) contains key words, with huge searches, then you’ll be followed in no time by a lot of spammers. While if your twitter name is niche, than twitter spam is much, much lower.

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