Career orientation tests from Talentgate

One of my clients, Talentgate, has a very cool mission: help people find their career guidance, based on some career orientation tests they developed. After you create an account, you fill in the cv (to have a minimum 65% completion rate) and after that you are able to make the 3 tests. By the way, […]

RAID crash causes dissapearance of my last two posts

A very annoying thing happen friday. Elvsoft, one of my Romanian hosting providers, just had a Raid HDD that crashed, so all posts that had been written that day did not saved. Even they’ve been very prompt in solving the error, still was annoying. I just realized once again, if necessary, the importance of backup. […]

Why I love the hackers, the virus creators and the (some) online crooks and spammers

I love them because they most of them they are very creative. Sometimes they demonstrate a huge lateral thinking that makes you say WOW. The all time favorite: the seller of unbelievable ultra cheap inflatable woman. Do u know the story? ­čÖé A guy sold┬á several inflatable woman at incredible low price. The shocked buyers […]

Nice learnings from JCI mentor startup meeting

Like I said on twitter earlier, I’m gonna be a mentor again. Mihai Nasaudean invited me and as he promised it will not take so much time from my daily schedule, i said yes. And until know i don’t regret i do ­čÖé Learnings from today: my next business will be as a garbage man:). […]

Yahoo better than Google

In the past weeks for some of the advertising campaigns we manage for US/Canada we saw that yahoo brings more ROI than google. The number of searches are clear in favour of Google. But the competition is so high on google that for some keywords you better have hyper conversion rates. While yahoo has much […]

Is anchor link still relevant in SEO? And why?

Any SEO expert (me included) will tell you that is critical to have links from other valuable sites, preferably on self-descriptive anchors, based on what you want to be found after. This is one of the most important things in SEO. It’s proven. It works. But, there is a “but”… I have a question, for […]

What do you want? Fame or Fortune?

Last year, I wrote a very interesting article on my Romanian Blog, regarding innovation versus duplication. And the conclusion was that from business model point of view, for small players it makes more sense to copy then to innovate (not a very politically correct opinion, but I don’t care of being cucher). Here is the […]

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