Every facebook user is a blogger

Yes, every facebook user is a blogger. Because even if they don’t blog text, they can blog via pics. Or via videos. Or via various applications results (X is 77% compatible with Y, X just bought a cow, etc) Facebook offers all the bloggers functionality on the spot, and even more. Not to mention that the virality factor is huge. So, convince the facebook bloggers that you are cool and all their friends will see it. ­čÖé The only disadvantage is that links from facebook still have “no follow” tag. So the links from facebook does not help to the biggest link building advantage – link love. Google sees the link, even if the weight is very...

NetCamp 2010

On December 8, at Marriot, Evensys is doing another NetCamp event. As usual, I’ll be there. Where I will focus my interest will be Launch 48, where the focus is how to launch a business in 48h ­čÖé http://www.netcamp.ro/2010/launch48/ Thank you Manafu for...

Do you want a 3 digits dot com?

So, do you want a 3 digits dot com domain? Tough luck. There are not any left. ­čÖé I found people that were paying 1000 usd just to point them to a free 3 digits dot com available, or willing to sell on a normal price. So i just searched through all the combinations of 3 digits. 46656 are only the alfa numeric ones. All gone. Also, I searched all x-x.com format. Gone too. Now I moved to 4 digits dot com domains. Surprise! No alphabetic domains available also. However, because there are over 1,6 million combinations, i managed to find some alphanumeric domains. It’s a difficult world upthere...

Hacker versus Admin

3 differences between hackers and admins: 1. An admin must think of ALL security gaps to be succesfull. A hacker must find only one. 2. An admin doing his job is not going to get too much credit. And if something’s wrong, it will be crucified. A hacker will get praised if he get any success, no matter how rare it is. 3. It’s more exotic to be qualified as hacker versus an admin. In games, everybody wants to be the thug, not the...

Smart malware for Yahoo Messenger

I always respected the imagination of the malware creators. Latest case: a small application for Yahoo Messenger, that tries to make you click a link. It innitiate the conversation or it can responde if you started it. The language is very human The application gives replies! Very nice follow-up It acts when the Yahoo messenger is open The victim does not get the messages. Here is my conversation with the robot ­čÖé I consider is a huge step forward in terms of creativity, versus the simple links that were passed on YM until now. I strongly believe that the conversion rate is huge...

How to solve negative/bad reviews online

For the past 6 years, I am keep increasingly receiving requests from various companies/persons to help them out in a very sensitive and important problem: they had negative/bad reviews online. And they need to solve them ­čÖé The problem is that this way they waste a LOT of sales. A nielsen study since april 2009 shows that 70% pf buyers search on the internet for the name of the company. And if they see negative reviews online, in the first results, they are a big chance to let go the purchase. So, the problems usually are like this. “If you search <my name/my brand name> online, you will see that in the first 10 google organic results they are at least 1 negative review. Can u help?” The answer is YES, we can help. There are several ways of doing that: 1. pro-active approach 2. reactive approach 1. influence the site owner to take the bad review out (or to modify it, so a negative review will become a neutral review) 2. fight back, and explain why the negative review is not accurate 3. assure that we have tons of other positive reviews online, that makes the negative reviews some exceptions. And the positive reviews will be brought higher in google, so the negative review will fell on the second-third page, becoming invisible for most of the potential clients. The trick is that usually people are writting something on internet when they have a negative experience, not on positive. So, even the experience that lead to the negative review was singular in a zillions of positive experience, only the...
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