Looking for brazilian bikinis?

I found an interesting site on the Internet. A Brazilian bikini producer http://www.brazilian-bikinis.net/myblog.shtml What’s so cool about it? Not the bikini, but the tone of voice. And the human face that this guy is showing. Showing that generates more trust. Potential clients are more prone to buy from such a partner, because they feel more comfortable. And another interesting fact is that he tells several times that he’s more expensive than others. His differentiation point is NOT price, but quality. And it makes perfect sense. Wearing his human face will make potential clients go over much easier that he is expensive. I am in the same position. I am not cheap. You can find hundreds supplier cheaper than me. But in terms of ROI i believe I am the best. That’s why I have 99% of my clients coming from referrals, not from direct sales. Maybe i can sell also Brazilian bikinis, who knows...

Building for mobile

I receive many requests for web products very rich in flash or java script. If those variants are not backed up by mobile variants, they will offer a lousy consumer experience. Building for mobile makes a lot of sense, as in 5 years for now most internet connections will be mobile, not computer generated. Actually, in Japan this is the current status ­čÖé So, mobile, here we...

Twitter Buzz

Twitter Buzz and Buzz Twitter . I am very curious how this couple of competitors/partners will evolve in near future. In theory, more people, that now are not using twitter will get familiarized with this way of communication. Buzz is now just a hot topic. Maybe twitter now are watching them very anxious how are they going to develop. There are chances that it will not fire up. But knowing that the big monster google are entering your territory, is a little bit worrying. Maybe at some point twitter and buzz will be integrated. Maybe today I’ll integrate them in switter ­čÖé Who knows…...

Twitter makes bloggers lazy

Twitter makes bloggers lazy. Because it’s much easier to write 140 characters from Yahoo Messenger (like I use from Switter) than to write full articles. Some of them are overcoming this, but some don’t ­čÖé Using twitter in my case confirm this...

Prices for web services

These days I had a weird discussion with one of the potential clients.┬á Based on my offer, they resent me a counter-offer at half of the price. For some of the items I said: “OK, i can lower also the amount of work, in order to meet the budget constrains”. For some i said that is impossible to achieve what they want with half money. They were very frustrated, because they consider my position was wrong (!?). In their opinion, I should accepted what they would be willing to offer. I’ve told them: “Guys, you want to buy a Mercedes with money for a Dacia (cheapest car around). It’s not possible”. Unfortunately, many clients that has nothing in common with Internet keep considering a website something easy to do, a nice-to-have. Which is not the case. They will see for themselves ­čÖé I remember my early days in web design, 8-9 years ago, when I was doing sites at dumping prices, as a student. Basically, you get what you are paying for. Almost always :). There is no such thing as a free...

Conversion rates on internet are always improvable

Apart from working for others we also have our own sites, so we are very interested in conversion rates and how to improve them. I was very happy these days when, with a small improvement i made to a site, I increased by 3x the CTR for the adsense. That means 3x more money in the bank ­čÖé Obviously, I applied the learnings on other sites as well, with the same nice results. Now I’ll go to clients and tell them: Give me 30% of the extra you will gain based on my optimizations. Win-Win situation, isn’t it?...
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