Card Pink from Volksbank Romania

Usual the banks are not renown for moving very fast. Au contraire… Well, Volksbank Romania is a nice surprise for me. In less then a month they come up with an idea, they implemented it, they launch it and already started to use. The product is Card Pink, a debit card, with nice interest for the money, with reductions in hundreds of shops around Romania (and Moldova). The idea is simple. Just pay with this card and you get discounts. The site was done in 2 days and with minimum costs. After all, we all are interested in results, not in a Miss Contest ­čÖé For more details:...

Old school vs new school in online

During the past year, I had several discussions with clients that exists on the market since the early days of private practice in Romania. Most of them are complaining that is increasing difficult to keep up with sales in an ever increasing competitive environment. Almost all “old wolfs” are struggling, while the new school are reinventing the business. The new guys are moving faster, are cutting corners, are using weird stuff called facebook, twitter, etc. They get clients and the old guys can’t. Very tricky. So, who says that opportunities are gone are somehow…...

23sec is up and running

Last night we released our latest beta version of (our own project). The idea is simple: you can achieve much more if you set daily objectives. And it takes only 23 seconds to set one. First you have to have a twitter account. Step 1. You write a twitter message stating your objective and #23sec : “#23sec today I’ll run 1 km” If you want reminders, you must follow us The reminders will be sent as private direct messages, so … no follow, no reminders :). The default reminders are after 12h and after 23h. If you want other reminder frequency, just write in the text of the objective *3 (if you want every 3 hours a reminder) or *7… (any number between 1-9 will do) Step 2. After achieving the objective write another tweet like #23sec running DONE More achieved objectives, better ranking in the TOP MOST AMBITIOUS PEOPLE ­čÖé So, what’s your today’s objective? More info:...

Neogen traffic on ascending trend

Neogen traffic is looking very good: in jan 2010 a quarter of a billion pageviews! First, on sati, the figures are going up. I am very happy, as I’m also shareholder ­čÖé Way to go Fusu! Second, 3 days ago i started receiving tons of birthday calls from some of my friends. The reason was that I always give bogus personal information when registering on websites. And on neogen i was registered as March 1st ­čÖé This way i saw who has neogen accounts...

Being the best in the world

Yesterday I read a nice book, where they were investigating around 15 star companies that succeed to reach excellence during years. Sustainable excellence. One take-away message was that the difference between a good and excellent company comes from the intersection between 3 circles: – what you are most passionate about? – how can you monetize it? – can you be the number one in the world at that activity? If only 2 out of 3 are met, than your company will not reach excellency. Being the best in the world in a domain that it’s too narrow, too niche, that has no proper monetisation capabilities┬á is not good. Also if you are passionate and there are money, but you cannot be the number one still is not ok Venture investors usually buy number one or number 2 in industry. So, being the best in the world really helps...

Twitter Junk

I believe one big disadvantage when using twitter is reading too much junk. Very few people are having added benefit in each tweet. It’s up to you to clear them out from “following” list
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