Why some people hate mozilla firefox

Because firefox has a tendency to eat a lot of resources. See attached printscreen. 500MB RAM +. And IE, only 28K. That means almost 20x better efficiency. Personally I like Firefox. Until it loads up to this huge values. Other reason why people hate firefox is that they are resistant to change and use IE6 because it came default with the windows...

Nice feedback from a leading blogger:)

Yesterday I received via email a nice feedback from one of the top Romanian bloggers ladies, Si Blondele Gandesc. And as I felt very good about it, I thought to share it here. “Si eu iti multumesc foarte frumos! Cred ca a fost cea mai buna colaborare a mea de pana acum, adica, ma bucur sa mai dau si de oameni care se tin de cuvant! :)” “I also thank you! I believe was the best cooperation I had until now, I’m glad to find people that keeps their promise :)” Thank you, Miruna ­čÖé The honor was on my side. —— For Volksbank, the third biggest bank in Romania, we have launched CardPink (shopping discounts Visa debit card) and female bloggers helped us in the communication...

Online stupidity

Or let’s put it nicely: it’s unwise to show your traffic in public if it’s tiny and you want to pose in a big, serious company. I looked for an Internet Service Provider. I found a nice provider, with a nice site, with nice prices. But i saw that they have trafic.ro badge. Going there, I saw that they have like 40 visitors/day. Common. I closed the site immediatly. There are a lot of ways you can generate more trust, but this is not one of...

Real time marketing

a great presentation, from yesterday, Orange Meet-up event. Real time marketing or how to use social networks to get the most to your company. Excellent David J Carr – Realtime Web View more presentations from Orange Online...

Check your site browser compatibility

There are zillions of combination between operating systems, browsers, screen resolutions, colors, java enable/no, flash enabled/no. So it will make sense to check your website on various browsers for compatibility. This is what we use: http://browsershots.org/ http://ipinfo.info/netrenderer/index.php http://www.browsrcamp.com/...
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