Funny captcha

Do you know captcha? That great invention that minimize the spam registration? Well, there is a sort of a captcha that show that you are a human if you solve a simple equation, like 4+6= (and your write the result). This is a filter for the people you want to deal with, combined with their urgency to contact you. Imagine how funny it will be to have a captcha as a complicated equation, with radicals, large numbers, comma and stuff. And you can send the message only if you enter the correct result of that equation ­čÖé It’s very funny. Maybe I’ll do it...

Adult online industry is the best

Actually, adult online industry is the biggest. And being the biggest, makes it the most competitive online industry in the world, which means the best. The adult online industry was the driving force of the internet. They exploited the need for privacy combined with the other human needs, to make huge profits. Indeed, some products are more prone to be sold online than others and this category for sure is the king. In terms of e-marketing, most of the novelties appear here, in the adult industry: Excellent ideas to boost conversion. So, even it sound not very political correct, I recommend those that want to learn e-marketing to learn from there :). This way, they will have an excuse...

Why to use micro-objectives

Why to use micro-objectives? Because it helps achieving your big objectives ­čÖé I am shocked to see how many people are drifting through life, with no prospect of any sort. How many people just survive from one paycheck to another. They don’t have any objectives, but they have dreams. They are frustrated and jealous on other people success, but they are not doing nothing to get more from life. Regular people don’t have objectives. They have hopes. And this is pure stupidity, because using objectives will clearly help them to obtain more and ultimately achieve the dreams.. Having no objective is perfectly ok if you are happy with yourself. But if you are frustrated because you want more, than you should do something about it. Also, the micro-objectives are much easier to achieve than the objectives (obviously!). More than that, splitting a big objective in micro-objectives and achieving them one by one is a sure way to achieve that big objective. But people don’t see that. Our education is to blame. Or our own stupidity ­čÖé Anyway, is good to know that they are solutions out-there. I am keep doing this test, on, where using your own twitter account you can set micro-objectives and solve them. The system from 23sec reminds you to fulfill the set micro-objective. It’s only a matter of will to achieve them or no Anyway, for the moment, it seems that I am the most ambitious man in the world ­čśŤ Let’s see if this test will help me improve my efficiency. Because it takes only 23 seconds per day to set a new...

How much does it worth a website?

Some friends asked me how much their websites would worth, so they know how much money to ask for it on sedo or somewhere else. Other friends asked me if I know sites for sell, because they have budgets to spend. Some people asked me even to sell my neogen stock to them:) During crisis, the prices are going down. The PER (Price Earning Ratio) drops a lot. If during boom, PER is 5, 10 or more (google’s PER was like 50!!!!), during recession, PER drops to 1, maximum 2. So, when you get a PER of 3-4 now, should you sell or no? Well, I wouldn’t. Especially as now it’s cold outside, it’s dark, people are still pessimistic about winter. But in may, june, when it’s sunny, (and US figures will look much better), then the investors optimism will be higher and the price will be accordingly. So, your sites will worth with 50% aprox in 2 months time. I believe is more that you can obtain with the interest rate. Not to mention that in these 2-3 months you still getting some nice earnings from your site… Good things happen to those who waits… in general...

Best call2action ever

I received one spam comment on one of my sites, that make me laugh ­čÖé The best call2action ever: “Visit us or die! – www……” Unfortunately, I did not visit them.
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