Search terms relevancy in adwords keyword tool

Here is a good learning worth to be shared. For small keywords, like “mp3”, “laptop”, “travel”, and so on, adwords keyword tool shows tons of searches. Well, this is not correct. Here is a test I have done: I found a term that was searched 110k/month according google adwords keyword tool (simple term). I found the dot com free – I bought it instantly. I made a site and brought it to first position in google, in spite of heavy competition. Now I have less then 100 visitors on that search term per month! I expected at least 1k/day only from that search term only. Instead I’m getting a lot of traffic for more complex search terms, that includes that domain term. So overall I don’t regret doing it ­čÖé Using this tool should be consider approximate (I had a similar conclusion some 2 years ago, when I noticed that on some key terms I have generate more traffic than google says is the...

eCommerce in Romania – GPEC 2010

Some very interesting learnings from Gala Premiilor eCommerce 2010. (live blogging) Bogdan Manole (legal) register at osim the url/brand most of the legal stuff are copy paste find replace better use unique brand names than seo optimised if you are a distributor, you should state your relationship with the rest of the brands if you have a price on a site, that is a ferm selling offer. if we have a client willing to buy, we have a contract for “ramburs” you can select clients via a clause “if you did not paid first time, next time you pay in advance” privacy policy is a public declaration on how personal data are collected and stored (we are bind by law) who r u? what personal data do you collect? why i collect personal data? how do i use them?what other third parties do have access, most operators did not fully comply with the law put an order without making an account (I HATE making accounts) deleting data of old users if not comming back after 1 year (eventually you send en email warning before) – for protecting the brands in EU brand protection begins when the deposit is posted. CNP┬á – better NOT to collect it (legally is a mess) Iustin Priescu (security) outpost24, sweden perimetral scanning at 22 scanned eshops, 2035 vulnerabilities known found iso 27001 – information security certification 5.6 out of 10 irsop PROBLEM1. attention problem – too many “distractors” – things that are not essentials are given too much importance PROBLEM 2. logic of the buyer differs from the seller (this is the most...

Why is important to optimise sites for Bing + Yahoo

EVERYBODY in the SEO world tells you to optimize for google. But bing + yahoo now is half of google, according June 2010 Comscore data Google 60%, Bing + yahoo – 30% And since august 2010, yahoo will use the Bing search engine. Conclusion: if you want traffic, you better start optimize for Bing also. Is also much cheaper then in the crowded google optimisation...

Google is focusing more on localisation

Lates’s change in algorithm is pretty weird. Because it gives a bigger importance for the sites reputation than the exact search term. And the only potential explanation is the increase on importance for localisation. Explanation: You search a string “a b c” where a b c are separate words. Until recently, if you had a page optimised after abc and the competition was zero for that one, your page would come up. Now, it does not, because google prefers to show in the organic results sites with higher reputation that has only the word a or b or c. And this is not what you need. So much for the long tail. Example: Trainingul parintilor eficace If you search on this string, it pops the following results: On it shows a normal result, after the same search: Is weird why on it prefers other algorithm. Maybe this focus on localisation is becoming more and more...

Career orientation tests from Talentgate

One of my clients, Talentgate, has a very cool mission: help people find their career guidance, based on some career orientation tests they developed. After you create an account, you fill in the cv (to have a minimum 65% completion rate) and after that you are able to make the 3 tests. By the way, make sure you are fresh, otherwise, well, your score will not be very good ­čÖé Based on the final test, you will be directed to the type of job that best suit you. Types of questions: do you like sort mail, do you have attention to details, do you like bungee jumping, and so on. Based on your profile, you’ll find out what you’ll love to do and what not ­čÖé When I was a student, nobody told me what should I do or not and what would make me pleasure doing it or not. Nowadays is good to have this sort of guidance, that will keep potential future frustration to a low limit. ­čÖé Too many people got too advanced in their professional life doing stuff they...
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